It is so easy to save material.

The new, shorter T-Mixer™ generation reduces material waste in the mixing tip by up to 40% as compared with today's 2K mixing tips. The new T-Mixer geometry once again decisively revolutionizes the mixing tip.


The small mixing revolution.

The familiar MIXPAC™ helix mixing tips are optimized with the new T-Mixer generation. Original MIXPAC™ T-Mixer guarantees perfect mixing results while saving on material.

Dental Advisor

Best Value Product

MIXPAC™ T-Mixer was distinguished by The Dental Advisor as “excellent”. The innovation T-Mixer was repeated Product Award Winner and sparked enthusiasm among experts.

Dental Advisor Clinical Evaluations

  • 67 % of consultants found the mixer to be better than conventional 2-K dental mixers
  • 83 % would change immediately to the new MIXPAC™ T-Mixerh
  • 87 % would recommend the new MIXPAC™ T-Mixer to a colleague


T-Mixer surpasses Helix 

Dental experts are agreed: The T-Mixer generation is the world's best proven helix mixing tip generation. With consistent handling and invariable homogeneous and perfect mixing results, the significantly lower material loss is an essential aspect of T-Mixer: users save valuable material.

The new T-Mixer generation


Unique by its color and dome shape

Voices from the practice

The T-Mixer is the first choice for me: it is short and manoeuvrable, blends perfectly with all materials and ensures less waste - you cannot get better than this!

Dr. med. dent. Niklas Bartling CH-Altstätten

With the T-Mixer difficult work is easier to accomplish, because there is noticeable innovation and many years of know-how.

Dr. med dent. Mario Besek CH-Zurich

I prefer T-Mixer because I can work with it easily, fast and without problems.

Dr. med dent. Mario Besek CH-Zurich


Shear and Strain


Shear only

New geometry optimizes the mixing result

The latest mixing geometry revolutionizes the principle of static mixing. The T-Mixer combines shear force and strain flow.

The individual molecules and polymer chains are distributed more homogeneously, which achieves perfect reactivity of the material.

  • The combination of shear and strain optimizes molecular networking
  • Higher mixing quality with the same number of elements
  • Optimized material flow properties with low force applied

MIXPAC™ system solutions

Dental precision at the highest level

MIXPAC™ makes work easier with dental system solutions for perfect mixing, discharging and application of low and highly viscous dental materials. The use of the original guarantees the user efficient working and safety at the highest level. Everything fits together. The result sits perfectly in the hand.

MIXPACTM application

MIXPACTM sealing cap

MIXPACTM cartridges

MIXPACTM application

For easy and precise discharging of different materials in difficult clinical situations.


For homogeneous mixing results with the lowest loss of material. MIXPAC™ delivers the optimal mixing tip for every application.

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For homogeneous mixing and precise application – the innovative mixing tips with very easy-to-bend and fully rotating tips.

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MIXPACTM sealing cap

For easy opening and secure closure. The sealing caps correspond in their color with the respective mixing tips.

MIXPACTM cartridges

A broad range of cartridges with various volumes and mixing ratios is available for multicomponent materials.


Thanks to the ergonomic design and top functionality of the dispensers, materials can be dispensed easily and precisely.

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MIXPAC™ mixing tips and system solutions for processing one-component and multicomponent dental materials simplify handling in many clinical situations. Find out more.


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