MIXPAC™ S-Dispenser II

Makes it easy to be precise.

The esthetically elegant MIXPAC™ S-Dispenser II enables clinical work at highest quality level. It makes precise and fatigue-free application of multi-component materials easier than ever.

Elegant, innovative design 

Simple locking system

Medical look and feel

Ergonomic and precise

Intuitive technology 

Simple handling 

Convenient in size and weight

  • Elegant, innovative design 
  • Simple locking system
  • Medical look and feel
  • Ergonomic and precise
  • Intuitive technology 
  • Simple handling 
  • Convenient in size and weight

IF Product Design Award

Outstanding design

The MIXPAC™ S-Dispenser II was distinguished with the iF product design award 2013. This innovation with the functional yet esthetic design convinced the jury.

Excellent customer feedback

  • State-of-the-art design 
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Smaller dispensing with even more precise application 
  • Autoclavable material 

Designed for professional users

Voices from the practice

Functional and great design, great technology at the highest level.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt D-Hundsangen

The safe and fatigue-free operation convinces me.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt D-Hundsangen

The S-Dispenser convinces in hand and to work with is very comfortable.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt D-Hundsangen

Cartridges and dispensers complement each other perfectly and form a unique combination.

Dr. Sharlet Kanacherry D-Monsheim

Functional and aesthetic, this is application technology at the highest level.

Dr. Ralph Börner D-Neuwied

The dispenser fits well in the hand - making it pleasureable to work with.

Dr. Ralph Börner D-Neuwied

Cartridges and dispensers fit perfectly together and forms a unit.

Dr. Manfred Tumbrägel D-Monsheim

Thanks to a safe grip and easier handling, I achieve more precise results.

Dr. Manfred Tumbrägel D-Monsheim

Convenient locking system

Open – insert – close.

Insertion of the cartridges is self-explanatory. Open the screw cap. Insert the cartridge horizontally. Twist the cartridge 90 degrees until the stop is reached. Done! An absolutely reliable locking system. The cartridge materials can be applied with little effort. Convenient handling allows fatigue-free working.

MIXPAC™ system solutions

Dental precision at the highest level

MIXPAC™ makes work easier with dental system solutions for perfect mixing, discharging and application of low and highly viscous dental materials. The use of the original guarantees the user efficient working and safety at the highest level. Everything fits together. The result sits perfectly in the hand.

MIXPACTM application

MIXPACTM sealing cap

MIXPACTM cartridges

MIXPACTM application

For easy and precise discharging of different materials in difficult clinical situations.


For homogeneous mixing results with the lowest loss of material. MIXPAC™ delivers the optimal mixing tip for every application.

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For homogeneous mixing and precise application – the innovative mixing tips with very easy-to-bend and fully rotating tips.

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MIXPACTM sealing cap

For easy opening and secure closure. The sealing caps correspond in their color with the respective mixing tips.

MIXPACTM cartridges

A broad range of cartridges with various volumes and mixing ratios is available for multicomponent materials.


Thanks to the ergonomic design and top functionality of the dispensers, materials can be dispensed easily and precisely.

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Worldwide leading dental brands

Worldwide leading dental brands use MIXPAC™ application systems and work closely together with Sulzer Mixpac in developing new materials.


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