The Original for the Safety of your Patients

MIXPAC™ Original Swiss products ensure precision, safety, and compatibility for maximum efficiency.

Original MIXPAC Candy Colors™ and shape MIXPAC™

MIXPAC™ owns valuable trademark rights in the Candy Colors™ in the United States and in other countries.

Rely on a qualified superior system

  • Perfect and reliable fit of all original components

  • Manufactured with FDA listed raw materials

  • Swiss Quality for excellent clinical results


Genuine MIXPAC™ mixing tips have the MIXPAC™ brand stamped on the top edge.


Original MIXPAC™ mixing tips are made in Switzerland and fulfill the highest quality standards.

MIXPAC™ Quality Seal

Genuine MIXPAC™ products use the MIXPAC™ Quality Seal. LOOK FOR the Quality Seal and MIXPAC Candy Colors™ (Teal, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, or Brown)™.

Excellent mixing quality

  • Smooth and regular mixing of silicones, cements or C&B resins etc.

  • No streaks or air bubbles

  • Material saving mixing technology that significantly reduces waste


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